In the midst of collecting RSVPs, organising table plans, and answering guests’ endless questions sometimes you can forget about yourself – the bride(!)  – in all this wedding planning. There is an endless number of decisions to make and itty bitty items to collect for the big day so it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks.

So, what are you going to wear before you put on that gorgeous dress? Hands up if you haven’t thought about it! So often this little detail is left until the very last moment and finding the perfect lace or patterned robe turns out to be harder than you think. In the end I spent about 2 days in a panic scouring the racks of London department stores looking for something and thinking “OMG, seriously, how are there no white-lacey robes in stock anywhere!?” In the end I did find something perfect and I’m so glad I did because I loved the way I felt the morning of the wedding getting ready as well as the photos and video of that morning. I hope you will too!

So, if you are really running late take a look at net-a-porter, farfetched, and luisaviaroma, all of which will get the prettiest attire to you fast. If you have a little more time to leisurely linger over ideas, here are a few.


Plum Pretty Sugar Available in the US



Olivia Von Hale  Available in London and the US




Stella McCartney Available in London and the US



Porthault Available in London, the US, and Internationally 



Plum Pretty Sugar Available in the US




Olivia Von Hale  Available in London and the US