As a wedding planner with many, lovely, international brides, I often get questioned about claiming VAT back on wedding dresses. After all, getting 20% back might just make that dream dress in budget.


You are eligible to claim back if:

1. You normally live outside of the EU or you can prove you are leaving the EU for more than 12 months.

2. You can prove such by showing the customs official your passport, visa, or other documents.


3. You take the goods outside of the EU by the end of the fourth calendar month after purchase.

To claim back:

1. Make sure to ask the dress boutique if they participate in the VAT retail export scheme. They will need to provide you with a VAT refund form.

2. Take your dress and the completed VAT refund form to customs when you get to the airport and they will stamp the form.

3. Depending on what type of form you have you may get a refund to your credit card, cheque home, cash, or the boutique may need to refund you directly.

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Happy dress shopping! xx