Wedding planning is a journey and, although, technically it’s my job, there is nothing that is more exciting than this adventure we will go on together. I absolutely love finding the venue that will make you swoon, designing the lush flowers you are dreaming about and finally straightening your train just before that momentous walk down the aisle. It’s all the more exciting when we are designing something we are both over-the-moon excited about.

So here is my wedding bucket list, vision board, or dreams – whichever term you would like to use. These are the things I would just LOVE to create if you want them too.

1. A clear marquee. Not just any clear marquee. One with wood floors or faux grass and ethereal drapes, chandeliers and lights that twinkle at night. One that has lush hedges and full flowers.  One that stands alone amongst the rolling English countryside outside of London. Why? Because in the UK we rarely get the gift of perfect weather but with a clear marquee you bring the outside, inside and can have the landscape become part of your wedding giving you beautiful views and the most gorgeous, natural light photography.


2. A garden wedding. Not a a wedding in a garden but a garden themed wedding meaning there are heaps of flowers, turning an indoor space into blooming oasis of fragrant blossoms. Weddings and flowers go hand and hand. Adding in trees, arches, and hanging florals just adds a whole new dimension.


3. An evening wedding with the most insanely romantic ceremony lighting. Ceremonies are the heart of weddings and I love when they are in the evening. Guests can meander through the day, taking care to get ready (perhaps for a black tie affair?) then the party will go late into the night. I dream of creating the most breathtaking evening ceremony, with a humanist celebrant so it is deeply personal and romantic. There definitely wouldn’t be a dry eye in the room…

{Photography: Colin Cowie Weddings}

{Photography: Colin Cowie Weddings}

4. A confetti bar. Wedding guests notoriously show up far too early for the ceremony, leaving them with nothing to do. So, why not create a “confetti bar” where they can pass the time by creating their own flower petal confetti mix.  I’ve never seen one at a wedding and it’s unlikely your guests will have either! It’s such a beautiful way to decorate your ceremony space and also serves as a little entertainment.

{Photography: Mindy Weiss // Martha Stewart Weddings}

{Photography: Mindy Weiss // Martha Stewart Weddings}

5. Perspex/Acrylic. Set amongst the grandeur and tradition of English buildings, there is nothing quite like the juxtaposition of simple, clean and clear perspex. It can be used for chairs, pedestals in all shapes and sizes, or custom pieces can be made for your altar (much nicer than the traditional registrars table!), all giving off an air of minimalistic luxury.


{Photography: Niemierko Weddings}

There are so many other things I would love to create (and many that are actually happening, in the works for next year!). But, definitely these are my top 5! Are you dreaming of these things too???