A wedding is quite possibly the biggest event you will ever host. So, when it is time to plan that big day, it is time to call in the dreamers, the designers, and the experts. Did you know there are not only wedding planners but there are also creative geniuses who’s job it is to dream up ideas that you have never seen nor heard of before – because they did not exist until your wedding? One of these types of people are Christopher Mills of the Events Mill and one of his jobs is to think big to dream up new ideas for you and then to bring those ideas back to earth to make them real on your wedding day. Today, he joins us to tell us all about what makes not a good event, but an Incredible Event. Take it away, Chris!

Human beings have been on earth for about 200,000 years and it is extraordinary to consider our development as a race, moments of historical significance and events that have shaped the way we are today. But in the context of the earth’s 4.543 billion year existence, it is astonishing to think that we have in fact been around for a mere spec of time – how exciting to think of the future and what we’ve accomplished in that time.
Human Evolution

This got me thinking about timelines and how we measure our own lives, drawing on events that carry significance and create memories in our forever-expanding library of thoughts. We do all we can to ensure these thoughts are not forgotten, sharing ideas, tales and facts to prolong the experience, offering a hereditary pass-down approach to information, but what is it that triggers a reaction that enables us to store this memory?



If we were wizards, instead of muggles, we could simply remove our thoughts and store these memories in glass vials ready for when we wish to step back in time. However, human life is reaped in magic expressed in other ways, for example never being able to understand those moments when your hairs stand on end and your whole body tingles – you know you are witnessing an incredible moment. When we create our own events it is important to strive for an experience that generates this type of reaction. Here is some advice:


“A dream is a wish your heart makes”. Our lives are deep wishing wells, often full of hope and desires that form a sense of longing to live out our dreams wholeheartedly. We all have different ideas of perfection and what constitutes a successful experience, however it is important that an event has a personal identity that is representative of YOUR dreams. But don’t be disheartened if things don’t go entirely to plan – there is no such thing as a perfect event. This philosophy is guaranteed to create positive lasting memories for you and your guests.


Moments of surprise genuinely make people smile, create better engagement and the wow factor. Whether your event is a theatrical performance or a multi-sensory dining experience, it is important to introduce unexpected elements throughout the event to add depth, variety and lasting memories. For example, if you are keen on introducing a dessert station element to your event, why not create large chandeliers that slowly lower from the ceiling of the room to reveal dessert with a little drama?


Comfort plays a big factor in staging a successful event. It is crucial to establish a fine balance between design and practicalities. As event designers we are responsible for bringing the razzle dazzle to experiences, however these occasions are only successful staged with supporting textures, styling and soft furnishings that ensure our guests comfort. Hospitality is key with service being the most important element in any event. Remember to feed people (you’ll be surprised at how often this gets missed!).


It is important to consider authenticity when designing for an event and to avoid elements, which might be considered cheesy or contrived. Themes are fun but continuity is key – create full immersion by ensuring all details are covered through research, development and careful planning. Use a variety of design disciplines from textiles to graphic design and carpentry to glass. Everything should be placed perfectly and with careful consideration.


Events are sensory occasions, which create memories for our nostalgic futures. It is scientifically proven that moments in life that evoke our senses are greater generators for our memories – scents for example trigger emotions and link back to our pasts when we first interacted with that scent. Creating a sensory experience allows for guests to become fully immersed, opening our minds to believe in the sublime and to find entertainment in every element of our olfactory personalities. Our senses are powerful tools that sometimes need a new battery source, but once put into motion this can lead to wonderful things.


So when planning your next event open your mind to fulfill your dreams, create a moment of surprise that is delivered with extraordinary service, show guests a good time in comfort and relaxation, use a theme that is authentic and original which is guaranteed to play on their senses to create everlasting memories.

Thank you so much to the extraordinary Christopher and if you are the type of bride and groom who is looking for Chandeliers that lower themselves, revealing dessert, please get in touch with The Events Mill – It will be the best decision you make in your planning.

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