When your guests sit down at your dinner table tables how do you want them to feel? Each detail in the room – from the lighting to the music to the smell – will contribute to the mood of the room. Perhaps the final cherry on top is the place setting that greets your family and friends when they arrive for dinner. However, the napkin fold, cutlery choice, and placement of name cards are far too often after thoughts in the wedding planning process. So, here are a few tips to inspire you as you plan your own perfect wedding place settings!

Design Tips:

1. Decide early what metal you would like to use throughout your wedding: Gold, silver, rose gold, mirror, crystal, and/or mercury glass. This will factor in heavenly in your table setting design.

2. Next, decide what exactly you need at your place setting: Menu, favour, place card, etc.

3. You might be tempted to simply use the cutlery and glasses provided by your venue or caterer. These will have a bigger effect on your overall look than you think.

4. Remember that the place setting will look different throughout the evening as different dishes are set down throughout the dinner service.

5. Finally, decide how you want your napkin folded and everything else placed!

Logistical considerations:

1. Who will fold the napkins? Your venue and caterers won’t necessarily, voluntarily, fold those 150 swans you are dreaming of. (Just kidding, please don’t fold your napkins into swans…)

2. Unless you have a full service wedding planner, separate your place cards by table and put them in labeled envelopes for the big day. There absolutely will not be the luxury of time to sort through all of them during the wedding.

3. Have a practice with your linen, cutlery, crockery, and stationery if possible to see how everything looks together and to confirm where everything will be placed on the day. Take photos and give them to those responsible for set-up on your wedding day. If you aren’t able to do this, at a minimum, sketch out the way you would like everything placed.

Now for the fun stuff. Design Inspiration!

Flowers. Incorporate flowers into your place setting for a luxury, garden feel.

{Photographs: Colin Cowie // Catherine Mead Photography}

{Photographs: Colin Cowie // Catherine Mead Photography}

Guests Names. Incorporate your guests’ names in your menu to keep tables tidy.

{Photograph: Magnus Bogucki}

{Photograph: Magnus Bogucki}

Experiment. Find new ways of folding your napkin, be bold, and leave a lasting impression with your guests.

{Photography: Bella Cosa D'Arcy Benincosa // Jusin DeMutiis Photography // Mindy Weiss // Aly Carroll

{Photography: Bella Cosa D’Arcy Benincosa // Jusin DeMutiis Photography // Mindy Weiss // Aly Carroll