Christmas Nostalgia

I am currently in Chicago for Christmas and reaping the benefits of jet-lag; I am up with lots of energy writing this festive post at 5 am! Needless to say, I will be begging for a pillow at 8 pm but that is besides the point… Read More

Wedding Dreams

Wedding planning is a journey and, although, technically it’s my job, there is nothing that is more exciting than this adventure we will go on together. I absolutely love finding the venue that will make you swoon, designing the lush flowers you are dreaming about and finally straightening your train just before that momentous walk down the aisle. Read More

Perfecting Your Wedding Place Settings

When your guests sit down at your dinner table tables how do you want them to feel? Each detail in the room – from the lighting to the music to the smell – will contribute to the mood of the room. Perhaps the final cherry on top is the place setting that greets your family and friends when they arrive for dinner. However, the napkin fold, cutlery choice, and placement of name cards are far too often after thoughts in the wedding planning process. So, here are a few tips to inspire you as you plan your own perfect wedding place settings!

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Wedding Inspiration

Anyone just engaged and looking for inspiration? Oh lucky you… there is nothing more exciting than starting wedding planning (and showing off your new gorgeous sparkler)!!!

Well, get ready to have a unproductive thrilling afternoon because here is a round up of the best places for you to find online wedding inspiration.Read More