The Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline

It’s true. This wedding planning business is all a little daunting isn’t it? Well, stop, right there because I have spent hours compiling a very thorough wedding planning checklist meant to put your mind at ease. This is very similar to the process I go through when wedding planning with an Extraordinary Bride & Groom. So, think of it like your personal wedding planner on paper. Read More

Wedding Dreams

Wedding planning is a journey and, although, technically it’s my job, there is nothing that is more exciting than this adventure we will go on together. I absolutely love finding the venue that will make you swoon, designing the lush flowers you are dreaming about and finally straightening your train just before that momentous walk down the aisle. Read More

5 Ways to Make International Wedding Guests Happy

Seeing friends and family converge on a stunning location for a wedding is one of my favourite moments. When they have traveled from all over the world, it is even more exciting. Sometimes guests may have got their first passport for your wedding or they will have been traveling over 24 hours to get to the UK just because they are your best friend. If you are a bride or groom who has led an international life, there is nothing quite like seeing all your loved ones together. Read More